SkillingSA is an Research,Consulting & Training   Organisation devoted to ground-breaking research findings that seeks to impact professionals in Africa with up-to-date trends in both the Government and Private sectors.

We believe that Skills Oil Progress!

Through our conferences, workshops, and seminars we seek to share knowledge on a global scale to ensure that organizations in South Africa and Africa participate competitively on the world stage.


For Government & Public Entities

We have tailor-made events that enhance the delivery of essential services. Our programmes are packaged to ensure that officials in the Public Service are more transparent and accountable in delivering quality services in eradicating disease and poverty. With events ranging from Education and Health to Immigration and Security, at MGIP you have found a home where Leaders are shaped, motivated and rebooted.

For the Corporate Sector

Business around the world is fast-changing. To survive and grow an organization needs to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in topical and critical issues in Management, Leadership, Good-Governance and Ethical Leadership. It is about maintaining a healthy bottom-line.


At SkillingSA we are continually innovating programmes that are set to make you stay ahead of your competitors.